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  • Top 6 amazing site points on Mahabaleshwar hill station.

    Mahabaleshwar hill station is a popular hill station in Maharashtra. It is developed during the British Raj in the 18th century. 1- Kates point Kates point is a famous view’s site point on Mahabaleshwar hill station in Maharashtra. The point has a beautiful view of the deep green valley and waterfalls from the other hills […]

  • Top 5 Holidays destinations to visit in Maharashtra with family and friends.

    The place of Maharashtra is famous for tour and for picnic with family and friends. The visiting sites will give us a relax environment and fresh morning wind with lead a healthy mind and body. Lists of top 10 holidays destinations in Maharashtra- 1- Gaganbawada hill station Gaganbawada hill station is situated in kolhapur district […]

  • Best 10 Benefits of dry fruits on our health of 2023.

    What are dry fruits? Dry fruits are those fruits which contains large quantity of proteins,calories,water etc and which are helpful to maintain our fitness and health. Eg- dates,raisin,cashew etc. How are dry fruits work for our body and health? As we know, Dry fruits are rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, water etc and vitamins like […]

  • Maintain a good health.

    What is a good health? According to the World health organization,If a common person is able to live in a complete physical,social and mental well being without any diseases and live in a proper environment without any domestic savage then he/she came in a category of good health. How a common person get good health? […]

  • How to loss weight within seven days ?

    There any many people in the world and even surrounding you who face the problem fat which is called obesity. Obesity is generally caused by eating too much and moving too little. if anyone consume high amounts of energy, and do not burn off the energy through exercise and physical activity then , that person […]

  • Disadvantage of internet.

    As we know there are two aspect of any thing in our life. When we use anything much more then it’s uses then,we get the disadvantage of that thing . Now we can understand it to the best example as internet . 1-Addiction,time waste,and causes distractions. 2- Social mischiefs in the society. 3- Students, employee […]

  • What are the advantages of internet ?

    There are so many advantage of internet in our life which are really useful for us and these are given below- 1- social media we can use easily which connect us with every corner of earth. 2-Net banking also available. 3-online marketing and also invest in share market . 4-We can also share funny meme […]

  • what is internet?

    At present world everyone know about the internet. A internet is a medium through which we are connect one person to another person which are in the seat in different corner of the world. Through internet they are easily talk to their friends, parents, and family. They are see them on video call through internet […]

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is my first post on wordpress. Welcome on my blog. Here you all will get the blogs related to health and fitness, tourist places, weight loss and gain, ancient heritages etc. You all are most welcome on my website.