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Best 10 Benefits of dry fruits on our health of 2023.

What are dry fruits?

Dry fruits are those fruits which contains large quantity of proteins,calories,water etc and which are helpful to maintain our fitness and health.

Eg- dates,raisin,cashew etc.

How are dry fruits work for our body and health?

As we know, Dry fruits are rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, water etc and vitamins like A, B, E etc. These nutrients are essential for a healthy immune system. These nutrients give us energy to fight against anti-immune system. Dry fruits increase or improve our bone health because it give as energy which demand our body in a day . It also help us in our digestive system because it easily chew our food.

5 reasons why we eat dry fruits daily?

There are many reasons which explain that we must eat dry fruits daily and these are mentioned below-

1- Helpful in skincare

2-Prevent us from cancer .

3-Improve our bone health.

4- Weight management .

5- Give us proper amount of daily energy.

Best 10 benefits of dry fruits for our body of 2023.

Dry fruits are extremely beneficial for our health. Here are the reason why we should consume dry fruits daily-

1-Dry fruits are contain good amount of fats, vitamin, nutrients, etc which give us good level of energy .

2- Good for control sugar level.

3- help us to purification of our blood.

3-Relax our body from anxiety and depression.

4-Made a person active and sharp mind person.

5-Dry fruits are called powerhouse of nutrition.

6- Helpful to loss weight.

7-Dry fruits like cashew, raisin etc are helpful for stress free mind.

8-Helpful for our liver and heart.

9-cancer prevention.

10-Increase our immune system.

Some side effects of dry fruits-

See, we know very well that dry fruits give us so many benefits but if we consume it in large amount then we definitely see its side effects such us-

1- They are very expensive in amount which decrease our financial condition.

2- High temperature of body.

3-Salty nuts can increases the blood pressure.

4-Reduce the risk of heart disease.


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