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Maintain a good health.

What is a good health?

According to the World health organization,If a common person is able to live in a complete physical,social and mental well being without any diseases and live in a proper environment without any domestic savage then he/she came in a category of good health.

How a common person get good health?

The basic answer of it is that he should always maintain their house clear and don’t throw domestic rabbage anywhere because it will cause of dangerous disease like malaria, cancer, etc.

According to WHO, there are various steps through which a common person get good health-

1- Balance your diet regularly.

2- Physical exercise is main work for maintain a good health.

3- Take regular protein and carbohydrates in good quality.

4- Avoid too much alcohol.

5- Live in a good and active environment.

6- Avoid Jung and fast food.

Why should a common person get good health?

There are many benefits of maintain good health in our life and the common man don’t have a perfect livelihood through which he have money to buy medicine .

Some of benefits are-

1- Always live without any diseases.

2- Live a healthy and happy life.

3- Good mood in every situation.

Tips for serious citizens to maintain a good health –

If we see senior citizens, they are more active as compared to our young generation because they maintain their health through daily routine of life –

1- Walk every morning with fix distance.

2- spend more and more time with friends.

3- Clean house and room .

4- Active and sharp mind.