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Top 6 amazing site points on Mahabaleshwar hill station.

Mahabaleshwar hill station is a popular hill station in Maharashtra. It is developed during the British Raj in the 18th century.

1- Kates point

Kates point is a famous view’s site point on Mahabaleshwar hill station in Maharashtra. The point has a beautiful view of the deep green valley and waterfalls from the other hills

This point is named as Kates , when the British Governor Sir John Malcolm’s daughter used to hear her own voice. It is a popular tourist attraction and visited by tourists. People used to click photography for magzine. This Kates point have river views , green valleys and white heart fog

2- Suicide point/ savitri point

Savitri point is popularly known as suicide point which is situated between the Eliphinstone point and Arthur point. The savitri river is originating from the beautiful suicide point. From the suicide point, the visitors can take a mind blowing view of savitri river and it’s valley.

It is one of the top places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Suicide point give the beautiful view of its valley due to which the tourists want to take the photographs for their beautiful memories on its.

Savitri river.

3- Arthur seat point

Arthur seat is famous for floating of light objects in the air. Popularly called as queen of the points, Arthur seat point has been named after Sir Arthur Mallet who was the first man to build a house on the top of Arthur hill. Arthur seat is the only site that clearly shows the geographical condition between the Deccan territories.

Sir Arthur used to sit here and stare at the Savitri river in which his wife and child has drowned. The green deep valley of savitri point on the left and bareen deep valley on the right extends a unique view to the seat. It’s hill station view point and place which offers great sight of nature and ample scope for photography.

4 – Tiger spring point

The tiger spring is a point on the way towards Arthur seat with a source of pure water which keeps running year long. Tiger spring point is a 20 minute walk away from the Arthur’s seat point in Mahabaleshwar. The natural thermal spring near river savitri, it is believed to be influenced with some spiritual powers.

The shallow waters are ideal to experience and spend a solitary relaxing time amidst the gifts of nature. The best time to visit is in winter and rainy season. It is a place on height with full of enjoy all above the clouds. The tiger spring point usually known for the wild animals because in the past wild animals used to drink water whenever they were thirsty.

5- Lodwick point ( Mahabaleshwar)

The Lodwick point is first known as the Sydney point. It is named after general Lodwick, who was the first British officer to climb the hill in 1824.

A wooded path leads to this mountain is popular for its sunset views accross hills and valleys. Lodwick point is just another super cool point of the Mahabaleshwar hill station. This vantage point provides an beautiful view of the Pratapgarh fort and Eliphinstone point.

Lodwick point has a pole which was built here in the memory of British officer Lodwick who had climbed the mountain to reach the point. This view point provides a very nice view to the valleys. Clean and fresh Breeze from the green deep valleys in the mountains give a smoothing and unique feelings to the tourists.

6- sunset/ Mumbai point( Mahabaleshwar)

Sunset point is one of the most popular point of Mahabaleshwar. The oldest point of Mahabaleshwar, generally known as Mumbai point or Bombay point is one of its own kind viewpoints that welcomes people to enjoy the breath taking view from the point.

From here, we can see the sun spill it’s color onto the clouds. Sunset point is a favourite point for the tourists and sees a huge crowd during every evening.

Sunset point in ths Mahabaleshwar is the most crowded point because many activities like horse riding, chaupati games etc are popular with the tourists at this point. This point is a ideal place for the picnic and holidays with the family. The tourists come here to enjoy the view of sunset. This point give the enjoyment when the tourists see the view of complete red color sunset. This is the place from where people can view the magnificent sunset over the valley’s below at Mahabaleshwar.

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